Why I Decided To Live?

I decided to live so that I can help save the lives of others.


I decided to live for one reason.

I decided to live so that I can help save the lives of others.

This blog is dedicated to every suicide attempt survivor, those with suicidal ideation, and anyone who has been affected by suicidality.

The day after I woke up from my suicide attempt, I asked myself: What happens if you decide to live?

Let me be clear, although I was weak and struggling to get through each day, I have always known there is a purpose for me on this earth.

I decided to live and fight my way to better for others I have not met yet who need someone going through mental illness to relate to them.

I decided to live for my passion of mental health, purpose of saving lives, and legacy of Saving A Life. In my latest YouTube Video, How To Discover Your Passion, Purpose, & Legacy? I discuss how finding my passion, purpose, and legacy helps me stay alive each day.

The day I became stable mentally I also decided to love all human beings as my brother and sister, which is why I started Saving A Life to create something bigger than myself that will outlive me. I am no longer living for myself. I am doing this thing called life for something bigger.

Robert Downey Jr. said, “ We can get so far away from our destiny and still end up where we are supposed to be.” When I was standing at the crossroads with the knife blade on my wrist, I thought I had failed to reach my destiny and that was part of the reason why I wanted to die. Yet, when I was spared from death and woke up the next day, I knew there was something else meant for my life. I learned that destiny is a winding road, not a narrow path. I always wanted to be a writer in some capacity or a doctor. Then, I was rejected from medical school and my pen could no longer write the words of my soul. From there, my path became foggy and dark. The straightforward path I had mapped out was no longer clear. Yet, I rose from the ashes.

I decided to live to be able to tell anyone reading this your time has not come to an end on this earth. Keep on living and fighting for who you are meant to be.

I decided to live for my nephews, mom, and brother. There are people out there who love you. I love you too.

I decided to live to be here for you and us for each other. Thank you for the breaths I get to take today and for the blessings of tomorrow. I am here to tell you as a living witness, on the other side of pain, misery, and fear is a life filled with color and hope.

I demand from myself two things each day and that is to live the best life possible and be there for others. I ask for nothing more.

Decide today to live and see what life has in store for you tomorrow.

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